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New! Subscribe to Receive the Services of a Certified Professional Cancer Coach for One Full Year 

National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches Patient Subscription Service began January 1st, 2016.

Effective January 1st, 2016, Certified Professional Cancer Coaches are offering (cancer patients and caregivers) an opportunity to access the education and expertise of our thoroughly trained health care professionals.

This will give the patient the opportunity to meet us through our subscription service in order to determine the need and benefit of hiring a personal coach as they move forward through treatments and recovery. If after trying our subscription service, you wish to hire a professional one-on-one coach, we will work directly with you through to post recovery.

Visit our COACH DIRECTORY and be sure to visit the home page menu for more information on our services or contact our Director at

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Base Rate and 1 call $39.00
Base Rate and 3 additional calls in 1 year $59.00
Base Rate and 5 additional calls in 1 year $74.00
Base Rate with Unlimited Call in 1 year $99.00

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