Now Closed for Registration - Prostate Cancer Retreat

This retreat is for men with Prostate Cancer.  If you are hesitant to undergo surgery because of its serious and debilitating side effects and risk factors, this is for you. 

Our program has helped men avoid unnecessary surgery and remain healthy, happy and active in all areas of their lives. 

Your retreat has been developed and will be lead and supervised by Jeanette Marshall, BASC Human Nutrition; RNCP and Registered Cancer Patient Educator.  Jeanette is the President of the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches.  She has authored a fully accredited Certified Professional Cancer Coach program that is being followed successfully by health professionals and patients in over 19 countries including Canada and the USA. 

This is a comprehensive 3 day retreat where, like many others, you will learn from a stage 4 prostate cancer survivor who had no surgery, no chemo and no radiation and is living a healthy, vibrant and full life since his diagnosis and care with Jeanette over 9 years ago.  See how he does it!

Enjoy 3 days of hands on activity with relaxation periods and one on one consulting with Jeanette, a professional cancer coach.  Talk with and learn from an advanced prostate cancer patient who has fully survived his cancer (naturally using the exact same methods you will be learning) since being diagnosed almost 10 years ago.   Learn what to eat, how to prepare and make juices, smoothies and meals specific to prostate recovery; learn profound stress, relaxation/sleep techniques; environmental and lifestyle tips to encourage a drug free recovery and join in our laughter therapy program to encourage cancer cell eradication. 

Men who are undergoing medical treatment are also welcomed.  This program will help you avoid the debilitating side effects and risk factors of treatment and to look forward to a happy, healthy life following recovery.

Program is limited to 3 prostate cancer patients per retreat. A spouse, significant other or caregiver is welcome to accompany you and participate in all activities and meals.    

Location:  Georgian Bay, Ontario Canada
Dates: July 2016 (various dates)
Program Cost Includes: luxury waterfront accommodation, all meals, private consultation; one pre-program home consultation; one post-program home consultation; all activities; all materials, all handouts.

3-Night Luxurious Health Retreat: $2400.00 pp (all-inclusive of private suite, program accommodation, meals, coaching and activities)
Companion Sharing Room – Add $750 (includes shared accommodation with partner, all meals and activities)

Open to three (3) Prostate Cancer Patients and their companion – per retreat.  4 Retreats being offered in July 2016.