The NAPCC became registered as a federal non-profit association in October 2008. We provide cancer education to patients world- wide. This trademarked 6-Step Blueprint p r o g r a m discourages the initiation, promotion and recurrence of all cancers and in all individuals.

The association unites professionally trained cancer coaches with men and women who want to participate in their journey with the highest quality of life possible. In other words, an evidence-based cancer prevention or recovery support program.

Our cancer coaches are registered as Cancer Patient Educators with the NAPCC. In addition, our coaches are registered and licensed health care professionals such as Nurses, Psychologists, Medical Doctors,  Registered Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Pharmacists, etc. They are educated and experienced in and support both conventional and holistic cancer medicine, otherwise known as INTEGRATIVE Medicine. We and many others believe that only the patient can make his treatment decisions, but that decision must be based on all the knowledge that is needed. We provide patient diagnosis specific education for the best incorporation of treatment options for those who wish to experience a higher quality of life and recovery, as well as a way to prevent  secondary and recurrent cancers post-remission.

Coaches provide expert resources for the prevention and treatment options that are available to patients ...many that the physician does not discuss with them. We help the patient understand and navigate the conventional system and to learn how to add evidence based integrative solutions to discourage conventional risk factors and to encourage the healing process. The end result is an empowered patient who is able to make intelligent, appropriate and confident treatment  choices that they can  be  happy  with  and  that  will  improve  upon  their  quality  of life.

The NAPCC offers non-profit 6-step cancer prevention and recovery programs in your community. Our coaches are also available for private coaching in follow-up.

Private cancer coaching is covered under many extended health  insurance plans through either private or employer based insurance.  With private coaching, only you are the topic. Your coach will work  with your diagnosis, pathology report, blood reports, treatment choices, nutrition, lifestyle, emotional and spiritual health to enhance the quality and length of your life. She or he remains your coach for as short or as long as you specify. You are in control. Your coach will be available to you always, unconditionally, whenever your prognosis changes or you just have a small question about nutrition, lifestyle or medical changes that can affect your health and well-being on a day-to- day basis.

For Further Information please contact:
Jeanette Marshall Founder/Executive Director
National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches

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