Global Cancer Coach Directory

List being updated daily

Please note that the following lists continue to be updated daily. We have categorized the coaches geographically. Coaches are available for office, phone and/or skype consulting. Some coaches also provide Advocacy Services, Home and Hospital Visits and other Specialty Services such as Psychological Consulting and Nutritional Meal Catering. Contact our office toll free (1-844-722-4462) if you are searching for a coach with specific credentials or that offer specific services that you may require. We will be happy to provide you directly with a name and the contact information of a coach closest to you.

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Cathy Biase
Manon Leduc (bilingual)
Jeanette Marshall
Lynne Jenkins
Michelle Thibodeau
Ruth Howell

Ashana Starrett
Bernadette Janczak ND
Bonnie Carmichael RN
Brenda Teofilo
Brenna Steeles ND
Dana McIntyre
Deborah Carrick
Denise McCoubrey
Helen Kocsis
Ildiko Nanai RN
Jennifer Turner Psych
Julie Anne Rawlings
Kim Bucke
Lisa Powell RN
Louise Kunicki RN
Maha Nasr
Marsha Fenwick
Michael Liang
Regina Featherstone
Sam Trotta
Sherry Doak

Brandin Roa

Angela Kane RN
Diana Bosch RN
Janet Loseth RN
Kim Leung ND
Rochelle Heinrichs

Cheryl Wahl

Carole Lee
Cindy Leckie
Jeannie Bruneau

Lynn Thier

Jill Haverstock

Manon Leduc (bilingual)

Roy Pierce

Jackie Shore RN
Lisa Cole Carter RN
Ruth Baillie MS MA

Beth Schroeder MS CNS
Bianca Agassi Psych
Cindy Dale
Debra Unruh
David Dyer ND
Janice Cameron LPN
Kathleen Schoen
Kelly Hansen
Lev Fedyniak MD
Linda Ditzler
Susan Gonzalez
Susi Roos RN
Sarah Jenkins MD
Suzanne Young

Elvira Oravecz
Sujata Din

Colin McQueen Ph D
Thalina Lindquist PhD

  • Adam Derko
  • Adele Kulyk
  • Ahmad Farah
  • Andrea Kassem
  • Andrea Page
  • Anna Borzeszkowska
  • Anna Lazowski
  • Anne Davies
  • Audrey Vanderstoop
  • Azadeh Razavi
  • Beth Foster
  • Beth Marlow
  • Beth Williams
  • Bettina Wittemeier
  • Brenda Coffin
  • Brenda Fister
  • Carol Menaker
  • Carole Joly
  • Cecilia Chang
  • Christina Tagliacozzo
  • Christine Martin
  • Christine O'Grady
  • Cloti Rodrigue
  • Crystal Taylor
  • Cynthia Brenna Steels
  • Dawn Blancaneaux
  • Deb Carwana
  • Deb Malone
  • Delores Woodley
  • Deloris Delrio
  • Denise Hajjar
  • Deshana Boo
  • Devi Moothy
  • Dorette Olugbuyi
  • En Wei Li
  • Erica Boliek
  • Erika Kaller
  • Heather Kaczur
  • Isabel Centeno
  • Jackie Gordon
  • Jacqui Van Der Beek
  • Jamie Cheveldave
  • Jeanette Mascola
  • Jen McLin
  • Jessica Miller
  • Karen Gadol
  • Katherine Casey
  • Katherine Stiner
  • Kathryn Wachman
  • Laura Burca
  • Lena Mascarin
  • Linda Mason
  • Lucy Smiechura
  • Lyndsay McDonell
  • Mara Mussoni
  • Maria Papadopoulos
  • Mary Moskowitz
  • Mathieu Chartrand
  • Milka Santoro
  • Mohamed Ahmed
  • Nicole Guertin
  • Nina Weil
  • Patricia Conley
  • Patti Corscaden
  • Pim Jansson
  • Rhonda McKinney
  • Richard Garbo
  • Russell Elleven
  • Sandra Miranda
  • Sharla Vellek
  • Sharon Evans
  • Shauna Peaire
  • Sheree Chapell
  • Sheryl Riley
  • Soumeya Derbal
  • Susan Gonzalez
  • Susan McHugh
  • Susi Roos
  • Theresa Kilgore
  • Tiffany Williams
  • Tracy Stephens
  • Wendy Hebert