Jeanette C. Marshall
Founder / Director
Professional Cancer Coaches International Inc.
President - National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches

Professional Overview

Jeanette developed an interest in disease prevention programs during the late ‘70’s. During the entire decade of the 80’s, she visited natural hygiene institutes throughout North America that focused on various forms of fasting (water, juice, raw food) that claimed to rejuvenate the human body and reverse both chronic and acute medical conditions. With a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Human Nutritio plus more than ten years with McMaster University’s Health Sciences department, Jeanette directed her energies into research on the role of vitamin and nutritional therapy in wellness. When her husband suffered a massive ischemic stroke at the age of 42, Jeanette put her knowledge into action and devoted a full year to his recovery without doctors, without prescription drugs and without over the counter remedies. Read how the role of holism (the theory on the importance of taking all of somebody’s physical, mental and social conditions into account in the treatment of illness) played in her husband’s extraordinary survival story here - NAPCC_Began

When Jeanette saw how responsive the human body (in a state of massive stroke) is to nutritional and holistic mind/body medicine, she made it her objective to learn the possibilities for aggressive cancer recovery when following this perspective.

Jeanette's exhaustive research, partnerships and affiliations with some of the world's greatest oncology experts has helped her to develop the Certified Professional Cancer Coach program for practicing health professionals. Truly, the most amazing recovery possibilities for advanced stage disease when the patient is open to focus and change.

Board of Directors

In 2008 Jeanette established the NAPCC (National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches) - a federally registered non-profit organization whose primary goals are to support a standardized and proven, program of care for cancer patients across Canada, the USA and the World! With high numbers of health professionals being certified as professional cancer coaches since 2004, cancer patients now have a solid supportive group of coaches in most every continent. As Executive Board Chair, the NAPCC endorses and supports the work of the PCCI Inc., trained and certified cancer coach professional. The NAPCC program is being utilized by medical institutions, cancer foundations, cancer hospitals, medical clinics and hospices, in addition to independent oncologists, psychologists, naturopaths, nurses, nutritionists and others.

“It is our goal to change the way the world currently understands and treats cancer. We will create a new paradigm that recognizes the critical importance of an integrative approach to maximize the therapeutic outcomes of cancer treatment”.

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Kris Pypka
Medical Cannabis Expert
Professional Cancer Coaches International Inc.,
National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches

Professional Overview

PCCI Inc. and the NAPCC are now offering cancer patients information on the much misunderstood world of CANNABIS for cancer wellness. Kris’ real passion is in holistic, traditional medicine with an emphasis on nutrition that is specific to cancer. Kris is a subject matter expert in Medical Cannabis, its clinical applications and holds certification from the Medical Cannabis Institute; the only recognized institution (College of Physicians and Surgeons) in North America teaching clinicians all the clinical aspects surrounding Medical Cannabis. Cannabis is one of the safest naturally growing plants in the world and has never been implicated in death or overdose in more than 5000 years of documented use worldwide and in any setting. Further, it has more than 10,000 clinical trials and peer reviewed articles in support of this very special plant. Kris is a also a writer for Cannabis Digest (, the largest Canadian publication supporting and educating patients in medical cannabis. We invite cancer patients to contact Kris with their questions.

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Christopher A. Snowden CA
Chief Financial Officer
Professional Cancer Coaches International Inc.,
National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches

Professional Overview

Chris is a Chartered Accountant and an operationally-oriented Finance professional with expertise in integrating, building, supporting and leading operations. His proven strengths include team development, employee growth, continuous improvement, planning and execution, risk management and financial modeling. Chris is a motivated hands-on professional with a remarkable track record for resolving ambiguous challenges. Board of Directors As a volunteer on the Board of Directors with the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches (NAPCC), Chris is responsible for the governance, treasury, direction and oversight of the NAPCC. It is comprised entirely of members representing a diversity of backgrounds including, medical doctors, researchers and business professionals. This volunteer role offers a unique and challenging opportunity to work with a team of highly motivated and collaborative professionals and to make a meaningful contribution to the way we understand and treat cancer.