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Cancer is a scary thing. Stats show that more than one out of every three women and two out of every
three men will be diagnosed with cancer in this lifetime…and it’s only going to get worse

Leading Oncologists Advocate the Implementation of an IAPCC Cancer Coach in your Journey to Recovery
Non-Profit Group Coaching in Select Communities Globally Private Registered Coaches Available for One-on-One Coaching

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  Registered Cancer Coaches

Certified Professional Cancer Coaches are changing the way the world currently understands and treats cancer. We have created a new paradigm that recognizes the critical importance of an integrative approach to maximize the therapeutic outcomes of your treatment.
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 Cancer Patient Care

Cancer Coaches ensure that a structure for your optimal care is in place within the first week*. These structures will develop your personal capacities to encourage a healthy journey and recovery. * with the Intensive Program


Infinitely Better Together…

International Association of Professional Cancer Coaches (IAPCC) was founded in 2004. It provides health practitioners with an independent post-secondary certificate program to encourage effective and personalized cancer prevention and recovery for those at risk. It has since become globally recognized by medical doctors, medical universities, nursing schools, cancer hospitals and cancer foundations as a professional restorative service to cancer patients. Our Certified Professional Cancer Coaches (CPCC’s) include nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, naturopaths, doctors and other regulated health professionals. They are educated and experienced in Integrative Cancer Medicine – i.e. combined science-based (conventional) and evidence-based (holism) medicine and your care is covered by many if not most, extended health insurance plans.

We and many others believe that this is the best incorporation of cancer treatment options based on the theory and importance of taking all of somebody's physical, psycho-social and spiritual health into account in the treatment of illness. It is for patients who wish to experience a higher quality of life that will encourage full recovery, as well as a way to prevent secondary cancers and other lethal or life altering side effects from surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Coaches provide expert resources for the preventative and treatment options that are available to you ...even some that your oncologist may not yet know about. We aid the patient in understanding and piloting the cancer journey without fear or abandonment. Patients learn how to add evidence based integrative solutions to encourage their own healing process. The end result is an empowered patient who is able to work with his/her physician and to make intelligent, appropriate and confident treatment choices they can all be happy with.